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Kesha & Macklemore

27th July 2018 - Friday 19:00

Sensational dance pop and alternative hip hop artists Kesha and Macklemore are bringing their signature sounds to the PNC Bank Arts Center!

Kesha Rose Sebert was born in Los Angeles in 1987 and is a singer, songwriter, rapper, and actress. Her musical style is best described as a blend of dance pop (a fusion of electronic dance music and pop music, with influences of disco music, post-disco, new wave, synthpop, electropop, and house), synth pop (a subgenre of new wave music that rose to prominence in the late 1970s and features the synthesizer as the dominant musical instrument), and electro pop (a fusion of electronic music and pop music - with primary usage of synthesizers and various electronic and pop musical instruments - often with simple, catchy hooks and simple dance beats, but differing from those of electronic dance music genres in that songwriting is emphasized over simple danceability). She's had a stellar career with 3 studio albums, 1 compilation album, 2 extended plays, 15 singles, and she's sold over 59 million records worldwide. Her debut studio album (Animal) has been certified Gold (in New Zealand, Ireland, Austria, Germany, and the UK), Platinum (in the US), and double Platinum (in Australia and Canada).

Don't miss your chance to see the savvy pop star who broke through with Flo Rida's "Right Round" and topped the charts with several live-for-today dance anthems! Click the button below to see Kesha & Macklemore on Friday, July 27th!

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